Spring Festival

Join us for our annual spring festival and yard sale!

There are door prizes, hay wagon rides, children's games, zip line rides, climbing tower & challenge course, paddle boat rides, mini-golf, Dunk the Dunkard, a fishing contest, a plant and flower sale, a hike-a-thon, kiss the cow, an auction, and don’t forget about all of the delicious food! You won’t want to miss out on this fun day!

Get involved with Spring Festival! Learn more about Kiss the Cow, Dunk the Dunkard, and Hike-a-thon below!


Yard Sale @ 7:00AM 
Fishing Contest @ 7:00-9:30AM
Montezuma CoB Full Breakfast @ 7:30-10:00AM
Hike-a-thon @ 8:30AM
Dunk the Dunkard @ 9:00-11:00AM
Mini Golf @ 10:00-2:00PM
Kiss the Cow @ 11:00AM
Auction @ 11:30AM-2:00PM

Kiss the Cow!

Miss Moo enjoyed her trip to Brethren Woods last Spring.  She has missed the affection of her many admirers, so she is planning to be at the Spring Festival again on April 29th.   She has been saving kisses for a year and is ready to plant one on someone you nominate, elect, or just plain rope into doing it.  If you or your congregation are able to raise $100.00 or more, Miss Moo will be happy to pucker up and at least drool on your nominee.  A picture of the prettiest heifer in the county and the lucky rascal whose congregation raises the most money will go in the next camp newsletter.  The top money raiser will earn a weekend in Forest Haven (the A-Frame)!

The kissing festivities will take place at the Spring Festival on April 25 at 11:00 a.m.  The  auction will begin as soon as Miss Moo slobbers on the last victim.....um... I mean participant.  If you have any questions about what lipstick to wear, or any other detail, call Doug at the camp office at 540-269-2741.

Dunk the Dunkard!

The Dunk the Dunkard booth was a big hit at last year’s festival.  There was only one problem.  There was room for more participants, so all of the people that should have gotten wet didn’t.  If you ask me, at this year’s Spring Festival everyone that “needs” to get wet should. So, here’s how we’re going to do it.  From 9:00 am until 11:00 am there are 12, ten minute time slots.  These time slots will be sold for $100.00 each. If we would raise $200.00 or more for each participant, we could raise over $2,400.00 to benefit the camp program.  Wow!  So you can start today by finding a “volunteer” or a “not so volunteer” to sit in the dunking booth for 10 minutes and get all wet for the Outdoor Ministry program.  If you have any questions call (540) 269-2741. The top money raiser will receive a weekend retreat in Forest Haven.  Remember, it’s a fund raiser for an exciting Outdoor Ministry program.   Get your registrations in right away!  It’s first come, first dunked!  Get your pastor signed up and get him or her over to the camp on April 25th!


It’s something exciting, stress-relieving, fund-raising and you can be a part of it.  So, all you campers, young adults, mid-lifers, and seasoned citizens come on out and “strut your stuff”.

Hike around the Cherry Hill field or venture onto the camp trails!  Everyone will log at least a 5K!  Prior to the event we ask that walkers solicit donors to sponsor their walk to benefit Outdoor Ministries. It’s that simple!  Sign up, collect your pledges, show up the morning of April 25th and get to hiking.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have at least one walker from every congregation in the District?  That would be an incredible time of fellowship and raise a significant amount of money to benefit Brethren Woods.  Get the campers in your church, the youth group, Sunday school class, pastor, you, or whoever else you can to come and walk.