Meet Our Staff

Linetta Ballew - Director

Linetta returned to Brethren Woods in 2019 as the Assistant Director. After Doug retired, she was called to be the director at camp.  She grew up as a camper, junior counselor, summer staff member, and volunteer at camp.  She also served as the Program Director from 2003-2013.  In addition to her experiences here, Linetta has worked as a counselor, lifeguard, program coordinator, and administrator at ten different Church of the Brethren camps, was part of the 1998 Youth Peace Travel Team, and is the chairperson of the Outdoor Ministry Association.  Linetta is a 2002 graduate of Bridgewater College and earned her MDiv degree from Eastern Mennonite Seminary in 2009.  Since 2013, Linetta has been an ordained minister within the Church of the Brethren.  Linetta has a sincere belief in the importance of outdoor ministry and senses God’s call to serve God and the church in this type of ministry setting.  She enjoys traveling and outdoor recreation with her family.

Contact Linetta for:
Seasonal Staff and Volunteer Positions
Christian Education and Spiritual Formation
Year-round Retreats and Events
Leadership Development


Betty Taylor - Administrative Assistant

Betty began working at Brethren Woods in 1997. She is a graduate of Montevideo High School and Cantonsville Community College in Baltimore. She loves talking to and helping people, whether on the phone, through e-mail, or in the office!

Contact for: 
Camper registration assistance
Rental Reservations
Accounts payable and receivable
General Camp Questions


Pieter Tramper - Program Director

Pieter Tramper first came to Brethren Woods in 2012 as a Summer Camp counselor. He came over from the Netherlands to spend his summer working with children in God's creation.  He enjoyed it so much he came back in 2013 and 2014 to continue in this special ministry. In 2014 he made the transition from counselor to Assistant Program Director. In the Fall of 2014 he married his camp sweetheart, and got hired as adventure coordinator. After a series of unfortunate events he was not able to come back to camp for four years. In February of 2018 he received his green card, and he moved over to the U.S. in September. He started working at camp shortly thereafter.  In his spare time he enjoys riding his bike, toying with electronics, and running

Contact Pieter for:
Outdoor School
Summer Camp
High and Low Ropes
Adventure Days
Website & Social Media


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