2023 Summer Camp Forms for Registered Campers

In order to streamline the on-site registration and check-in process, we REQUIRE that your account is PAID IN FULL and ALL ONLINE FORMS ARE COMPLETED at least SEVEN DAYS BEFORE CAMP!

Health forms must be completed and received in the camp office 14 DAYS before camp.

  • From your online dashboard, you can check Financial information to see your registration balance and make needed payments.
  • You can double-check that all forms are completed by making sure that you have all green checkmarks and green (not red) text in the Forms area of your online dashboard.

Click on the buttons below to access printable versions of all these forms, and get a look at the Camper Chronicles and Parent/Guardian Guide:



Camper Health History FormThis form is REQUIRED for ALL CAMPERS and must be received at least 14 days prior to camp.  Access to an ONLINE Camper Health History Form will be available in the forms section of your online dashboard by June 1st. If you are unable to complete the online form, you can print off the form, complete it fully, and mail/email it to camp along with a copy of BOTH SIDES of your insurance card.  Important: Any medicine and medical devices must be brought to camp in their original container with the original label.

 Camper Health Information Form - This form is ONLY for ADULT CAMPERS (18+) participating in Day Camp-Overnight. It must be completed online or by printing and mailing/emailing it to camp as described above so that it is received at least 14 days before camp.

Food Allergies and Special Diet Questionnaire - Persons with food allergies, intolerances, or other special diet needs should complete this form online or by printing and mailing/emailing it to camp as described above so that it is received at least 14 days before camp. Camp staff are best able to provide accommodations and substitutions to meet the participant’s needs if this form is returned at least 14 days (2 weeks) PRIOR TO ARRIVAL.  This form will be reviewed by camp Food Service Staff.  Please list medical information for our Healthcare Staff on your Health Form.


  • Present proof a full vaccination. Final shot in the vaccination sequence must be completed at least two weeks (14 days) prior to camp to be considered fully vaccinated. Vaccinated campers and staff are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to also do a COVID-19 test within 24 hours prior to camp.
    • Present proof of a negative COVID-19 test (molecular tests, ex. PCR and NAAT, are preferred) within 24 hours prior to camp. (On-site testing at camp is available for an additional charge.)
    • If the COVID-19 Community Level reaches Orange/High, ALL campers and staff will be REQUIRED to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test regardless of vaccination status.

Click here to see the full Covid Guidelines

Packing Lists (By Camp)

Check out the specific list with REQUIRED items for your camp program!  Be sure to mark all of your belongings with your name and select clothing in line with the dress code guidelines outlined in the Parent and Guardian Guide.

Wearing face masks and physical distancing requirements will be based on the COVID-19 Community Level:
o Low/Green – No face masks or physical distancing required.
o Medium/Yellow – Whenever possible, all activities will be held outdoors.
o High/Orange –
▪ All campers and staff will be REQUIRED to wear face masks whenever they are interacting with campers and staff from another family group or community cohort and are not able to maintain at least six feet of physical distancing. This will include all indoor public spaces shared by other campers and staff, medical services or health and safety responses, and indoor activities when led by staff members who interact with multiple family groups/community cohorts.
▪ Strict face mask wearing will be required, and physical distancing will be increased for singing, worship times, activities involving increased exhalation, and all-camp gatherings.

Day Camp | Day Camp Overnight
Explorer Day Camp | Explorer Day Camp Overnight
Junior Mini-Camp
Junior Camp
Junior Adventure Camp

Junior High Day Camp | Junior High Day Camp Overnight
Junior Adventure Camp
Junior High Camp
Pioneer Adventure Camp -- CANOE
Pioneer Adventure Camp -- OLS
Pioneer Adventure Camp -- Horse
Mountain Adventure Camp
Bike Camp

Mountain Adventure Camp
Super Pioneer Camp
Senior High Camp
Senior High Pioneer Adventure Camp
Bike Camp


Adventure Waivers (By Camp)

Some Jr. High and all Sr. High Camps have REQUIRED Waivers and Permission Slips to be able to participate in off-site adventure activities.  You can complete any required permission slips and waivers from the forms section of your online dashboard OR print off the necessary forms below, and mail/email the to camp. These forms must be received in the camp office at least seven days before camp.

Junior Adventure Camp
River Tubing Waiver 

Pioneer Adventure Camp -- CANOE
Brethren Woods Canoeing Waiver

Pioneer Adventure Camp -- HORSE
Brethren Woods Horseback Riding Waiver
Horizons Equine Waiver

Super Pioneer Adventure
Brethren Woods Canoeing Waiver

Senior High Camp
Brethren Woods Senior High Camp
WILDGuyde Agreement to Participate

Senior High Pioneer Adventure Camp
Brethren Woods Senior High Camp
WILDGuyde Agreement to Participate
Nelson Rocks Waiver

Mountain Adventure 
Transportation Permission Slip Waiver


Click on the Image Below to Read the Camper Chronicles

Click on the Image Below to Read the Parent & Guardian Guide (2021 version will be available soon)