Brethren Woods Wish List

Do you have a heart for the ministry of Brethren Woods? We are always in need of items that will help grow the ministry. We invite you to prayerfully consider how you might be able to contribute to what God is doing at Brethren Woods!

  • We would like to get some nature posters for our Outdoor School program! The subject of these posters does not matter, any are welcome
  • Summer camp can be very warm! For the cabins we would love to have some new box fans ($20 each)
  • Kitchenware for Rental Facilities (approximately $300 per building)
  • We call it Clunkers for Cash! We'll take your old car, sell it, and use the money to benefit the growing ministry at Brethren Woods! Your contribution is tax deductible!
  • Cooking Supplies (Mountain Pie Irons, Roasting Sticks, Dutch Ovens, etc.)
  • Golf Cart
  • Front Load Washers and Dryers
  • A good used backhoe