Challenge Course

Why participate in our Challenge Course?

The Challenge Course is a series of low and high elements designed to provide a program in which small groups of people are challenged to work together, solve problems, and trust one another wile overcoming obstacles. The events vary in degree of physical and/or mental challenge. They range from events with virtually no perceived risk to events with a high perceived risk.

Basic Goals of the Challenge Course Program:

  1. Increase the participant's sense of self-confidence and self-esteem;
  2. Increase mutual support within a group;
  3. Develop an increased level of agility and physical coordination;
  4. Develop an increased joy in one's physical self and in being with others;
  5. Enable participants to transfer some of their learning into other areas of their lives;
  6. Develop an increased familiarity and identification with the natural world;
  7. To have fun.

For Christian groups, this may include incorporating and verbalizing Christian values, themes, and metaphors in the experience.

Safety, our number one priority

To ensure the physical and emotional safety of our participants, Brethren Woods has the Full Value Contract and operates under the Challenge by Choice guidelines.

The Full Value Contract is a tool to aid the group and each participants in reaching their stated goals. It is the first line of defense when it comes to the groups having a safe place to be. The Brethren Woods Full Value Contract consists of three points:

The group agrees to:

a) work together as a group and to work toward individual and group goals;
b) follow safety and behavior guidelines;
c) give and receive honest positive and negative feedback, and attempt to change behavior as appropriate.



Challenge by Choice refers to the concept of challenging each participant, and the group, to go beyond their perceived limits with the understanding that they can say "no" when fear or other pressures are too great.

We summarize our Challenge by Choice as offering participants:

1. The chance to try a potentially difficult or frightening challenge in an atmosphere of caring support;
2. The opportunity to back off when performance pressures or doubt of their abilities become too great, knowing that in many cases a future attempt may be possible;
3. A chance to try difficult activities knowing that the process of the attempt is more important than the completion of the activity;
4. Respect for individual ideas and choices.


What Happens Next?

Before your time at the challenge course, the facilitator will contact you via phone or email to see what specific goals you have in mind for your time at Brethren Woods. Usually this will happen one or two weeks before you get to camp. We'll discuss your group, goals, concerns, schedule, and whatever else comes to mind. It is our objective to make your experience as pleasant as possible, and this initial conversation is essential in that.

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