Camp Representative Training and Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

2019 Recap

Sunday February 17th was a busy one at Brethren Woods. At 3 pm, 29 camp reps from all over the Shenandoah Valley gathered to hear exciting new things about Brethren Woods. The afternoon started of with a riveting game of camp bingo, which got people talking to each other. After the introduction of our Summer theme: "Peace Works", people split up in three groups and learned about a variety of topics. Each camp staff member highlighted a different aspect of the ministry of Brethren Woods, and invited every camp rep to share this with their church.

After all this talking it was time for dinner! By this time, many people that helped out at Brethren Woods had gathered and were ready to enjoy some food. Patty had lived up to her name and prepared a delicious meal for everyone. It was great to see all the amazing people that help to make camp such a great place. We saw people that help with outdoor school, people that help fold brochure, people that help cut woods, and anything else you can think of. What an group of great people!

After the last dishes were put away, it was time to enjoy some good bluegrass. The gentlemen from 'Seldom Serious' played some serious bluegrass. It sure was fun to just sit back and enjoy the wonderful music and lyrics. The evening ended with a small word from the Camp Director, and other camp staff. We had a great time with all our volunteers and hope to see you again next year!

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