Join us for a day in God's creation!

You are invited to a day in God's creation! We will be led by two gifted speakers, David Radcliff (New Community Project) and Pastor George Bowers (Antioch Church of the Brethren). We will spend time learning about how role in caring for God's creation and spend time outside learning about the beauty and intricacy of God's created world. Lunch will be served. 

Cost: $20/adults and $15/children and youth 
Don't let the cost keep you from coming. Contact us for more information. 

You can register by e-mailing or by calling 540-269-2741. 

God's Got the Whole World

David Radcliff

David Radcliff is director of the New Community Project, a faith-based nonprofit organization with a national network of 11,000 individuals. NCP collaborates with congregations, schools and colleges all across the US, and has partnerships in seven countries abroad. Founded by David and others in 2003, NCP focuses on environmental sustainability and global justice, offers intergenerational Learning Tours to Myanmar, Nepal, East Africa, the Arctic, the Dine Reservation in NM, the Amazon and Central America, and has a special interest in empowering youth and young adults. NCP provides grants to partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the areas of girls' education, women's development, and forest preservation. NCP also maintains Sustainable Living Centers in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and Starksboro, Vermont, where the organization’s principles of sustainability and reaching out to the marginalized are put into practice in the US context.

David speaks 150 times or so a year in schools, colleges, congregations, and other settings, and serves as an adjunct faculty member at Elizabethtown College (PA) in the areas of hunger and poverty, globalization and environmental care. He lives in Blue Ridge, VA and enjoys bicycling (doesn’t own a car), photography, and gardening.

George Bowers

Pastor George has been serving as pastor at Antioch Church of the Brethren since 1996.  He began serving the congregation part-time while he taught High School Agriculture and became fulltime in 2003.  

Together, he and his wife Nancy have four children, Allen and Mary Bowers and Meghan and Brandon Ashworth.  Pastor George enjoys hunting and reading, playing the piano and writing poetry.

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