Retreat Information

Brethren Woods is hosting the annual "Virginia Camp and Retreat Leader's Gathering" on November 28-30, 2017. The retreat will feature leadership like Lester Zook, Gary Heaton, Harry Zweckbronner and more! 

Come for the whole retreat or drop by on Wednesday, Nov. 29th for a full day of workshops and information. 

Workshop Descriptions

Escaping Purgatory: Choosing 'WHY 2.0' to Overcome Existential Threats to Church and Camp
Church of the Brethren ideals (peacefully, simply, together) are as relevant as ever to reconcile recent seismic changes in society and church, and yet churches and camps continue to struggle towards stable vitality. A rapidly changing reality calls for focused mission, creativity, transformational leadership, and encouraging "smart failure."  Using videos and shared experiences we will explore "starting with WHY," and together we will brainstorm how to build our 'WHY 2.0'.
Leader: Barry LeNoir, Camp Bethel Director

LIVE IT!  Facilitating Interactive Programming That Brings the Bible to Life!
Why study Christ’s first miracle when you could be a guest at the Wedding of Cana?  Why talk about the tabernacle when you can smell the incense and see the lamp stand?  Consider tangible ways for campers to experience the scriptures through simulation games, drama, and creative worship.    
Leader: Kelli Sprague, Camp Overlook

Slow Church: Cultivating Communities in the patient way of Jesus
This workshop will be about helping outdoor ministry professionals stay connected to their spirituality in the fast paced, chaotic world of social media and instant gratification. Participants should come willing to share and explore personal relationships with God through Christ. This workshop will focus on the discipline of communion, creating intentional worship spaces, and not letting one's professional expectations outpace God.
Leader: Gary Heaton, Methodist Minister

"Gee I wish I'd known that! Gathering information about campers."  
Children often come to camp with issues or special needs. Parents may not reveal these needs on their registration or, if they do, they may not provide enough information for your staff to be able to help the child have a more positive camp experience. This interactive workshop will explore a variety of ways to get the information you need to help your campers have a more successful camp experience. Objectives for the session include:  Participants will be able to: 1, Identify what information they need to gather to help a camper have a successful camp experience. 2, Identify ways to adjust written materials and interactions to encourage parents be open about their child’s needs and how to meet them 3. Utilize resources other than the parents to help develop a clear picture of the child.
Leader: Deb Shapiro, Camping For All

Workshop Descriptions

Discipline the Body, Renew the Mind, Nurture the Soul.
This workshop picks up on the conference theme, Feeding our Souls, and addresses it wholistically.  We will share together how we work to find work-life balance, how we maintain ourselves while caring for others, and how we serve God with our entirety.
Leader: Lester Zook, Wild GUYde Adventures

Coaching Counselors and Adventure Staff Regarding 'the Human Element' in Incidents and Accidents.
This workshop will unpack several human attitudes that lead to suffering in the back-country, and then talk through some staff training ideas for equipping adventure leaders, to mitigate these dangers.
Leader: Lester Zook, Wild GUYde Adventures

Role Modeling & Leadership
What does it really mean to be a role model?  How do you teach camp staff who are still looking for their own role models, what you expect their leadership of campers to look like.  By the end of this session, camp staff will be able to identify leadership characteristics of camp staff and the role those characteristics play in the camp setting.
Leader: Maile Armstrong, Armstrong Unlimited

Creating a Supportive Environment
This workshop provides an overview of strategies to support children with autism, ADHD, and other neurological challenges. In this workshop, we will address some of the common issues that occur in out-of-school-time programs, such as standing in line, handling transitions, having positive experiences with craft and sports activities, and coping with sensory sensitivity.
Leader: Mary Anna Dunn

Brethren Woods’ Site Tour
What’s a hogan? Can you find the Path to Peace? Or the Camp’s Store? See some of these and more on the Brethren Woods site tour! Join Camp Director, Doug Phillips, as he shares about the camp grounds, buildings, and beloved history.
Leader: Doug Phillips, Camp Director

Pricing and Schedule

Pricing and Registration

Pricing Options
- Day Participant (Only Wednesday, Nov 29). Includes 3 meals and Wednesday workshop/programs.
$70/person - Full Event - no lodging on site
$100/person - Full Event - shared bunkroom (5-7others) with living room, full bath. Includes lodging, meals, workshops, programs, and tours.
$120/person - Full Event - shared bedroom (2 person room) with communal bathroom. Includes lodging, meals, workshops, programs, and tours.

Registration is now open! 

Payment Methods
Option 1: Call 540-269-2741 and pay with Credit Card by phone.
Option 2: Send check payable to "Brethren Woods." 
Option 3: Pay with cash or check upon arrival.  

Tentative Schedule

Tuesday, November 28
1:00-4:00pm  Site Tours of Camp Overlook, Camp Horizons and Check-in
5:00-7:00pm   Registration and Check-In
6:00pm            Dinner
7:00pm            Welcome and "Get-to-Know-You"
7:30pm            Brainstorm Topics to Cover
8:30pm            Worship  
9:00pm            Snack Food and/or evening activity

Wednesday, November 29
8:00am            Breakfast in Woodland Retreat Center
8:30am            Check-in for DAY ONLY participants
9:00am            Welcome & Introductions 
9:15am            Session #1 Workshops
10:45-11:00    Transition Time
11:00am          Session #2 Workshops 
12:30pm          Lunch
1:30-3:00pm   Session #3
3:00-3:15pm   Transition Time
3:15-4:45pm   Session #4
5:00pm            Conversation Topics
5:30pm            Dinner
6:30pm            Discussion and Sharing
8:30pm            Worship 

Thursday, November 30
8:00am            Breakfast
9:00-9:30am       Closing Worship
9:30am          ACA Standards Course (lunch provided)