How many friends can my child request to be in the same cabin with him/her?

We do our best to honor cabin-mate requests for your child and one friend. We understand that a friend can help your child feel more secure about being away from home for a week.

Brethren Woods is “a community in creation”. Our goal is that all children learn what it is like to live in a Christian community where all are loved, accepted and treated with respect, where conflict is lovingly and peacefully resolved. Not all children who attend Brethren Woods have an opportunity to experience that in life anywhere else but here.

Camp is an opportunity to develop life skills, and meeting and making new friends while at camp, and learning to get along with new or different people is very important, not only here, but in many life situations.

While we want everyone to have a good time, and it may sound like great fun for a child to “build his cabin” with 3 or 4 friends, the situation is then set for a child living in the cabin for the week that does NOT belong to the group.

Help us welcome ALL children to God’s love and explain to your child how important it is that everyone is included.