Staff Announcements, Announcements, Annoooooouuuucements!

It is with great joy that we announce the hiring of persons for the open positions at Brethren Woods.  The process has been nothing short of miraculous and we are thankful for God’s provision.  Trumpet noise would be good here….,da da da da!

We are excited to announce that Andy Myers, who has been on the Brethren Woods summer staff for five summers will be moving into the year round Maintenance Director position on November 1.  Andy brings camp experience, a servants heart and a faith in God that will bless both our staff, campers, volunteers and rental groups.  Welcome Andy!  Check out this link for the full biography.

We are also excited to announce that Linetta Alley Ballew will be returning to Brethren Woods on January 1, 2019 as the Assistant Director.  She will have major program responsibility along with a more overarching administrative system role.  Linetta brings a lifetime of Outdoor Ministries experience which will be gift to the Shenandoah District.  We are grateful that God has called her back home to Brethren Woods and are looking forward to welcoming her and her family in January.  To learn more about Linetta check out this link.

It is a blessing that Pieter Tramper, who was stuck outside the US for four years, is now able to be in country permanently.  Pieter will be helping at camp in an interim fashion and will be filling the roles of Adventure Director and Program Director.  Pieter has a lot of Brethren Woods experience and will be a blessing as he serves.