Kitchen Manager

Brethren Woods is hiring a part time kitchen manager to coordinate camp food service year round.


  1. Committed Christian with a willingness to accept the teachings of the Church of the Brethren.
  2. Exhibit a spirit of cooperation and commitment to a team relationship.
  3. Experience in supervising other staff.
  4. Personable style and skills in relating to staff, guests, and campers.
  5. Training and/or experience in food service management and quantity food service.
  6. Ability to handle stress in a fast-paced environment.
  7. Ability to plan nutritious, well-balanced meals, within a budget.
  8. Ability to organize all tasks efficiently.
  9. Ability to adapt to varied situations that arise.
  10. Ability to follow and accurately adjust recipes according to group size.
  11. Acceptance of Kitchen Manager’s responsibilities.


  1. Plan, prepare, and serve healthy, attractive meals in a timely manner.
  2. Safely and correctly operate all kitchen equipment necessary for food preparation, service, and cleaning.
  3. Inform the Maintenance Director of equipment failure or maintenance needs.
  4. Submit planned menus to a dietician for approval.
  5. Purchase food and supplies for food service program.
  6. Work with the Director to maintain budget and keep records of food costs.
  7. Maintain a running inventory of food and supplies, including those from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.
  8. Supervise Kitchen Assistants and organize their task schedules.
  9. Supervise dining room procedures and see that the dining room is attractively maintained.
  10. Keep the kitchen equipment and kitchen clean.
  11. Implement American Camp Association accreditation standards related to Food Service.
  12. Abide by all regulations of the Virginia State Department of Health and the Rockingham County Health Department.
  13. Know the contents of the Staff Manual and abide by all camp policies and procedures.
  14. Participate in weekly evaluation with the Program Directors during the summer season.
  15. Participate in regular evaluations with the Director throughout the year.
  16. Enforce camp policies, procedures, and health and safety regulations.
  17. Assist in other areas of camp operation as needed.

Please send a resume to or call 540-269-2741 for more information.

Each summer we hire about 28 seasonal staff members to run the summer camp program. To learn more about the different positions, please visit our Summer Staff page.